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Concept Selection is a Course

Concept Selection



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Once you spend time exploring the solution space, ideating and developing concepts, you should have a large quantity of novel, effective, and quality ideas to approach your design problem. To move forward, you will need to be more critical of your ideas, deciding what is worth pursuing further and what ideas should be set aside. Concept screening is a time to organize and narrow down your concepts into a more manageable set of potential solutions. Afterwards, you will evaluate your concepts, judge your ideas, and determine a final concept to focus on.

After completing this block you will be able to:

  • Organize and filter through potential solutions in a meaningful way

  • Use data gathered through the design process to effectively evaluate solution concepts

  • Objectively compare solution concepts against a need specification to determine what concepts to pursue

  • Apply an approach, such as the Pugh method, to develop a decision matrix to evaluate and select a final concept

Block Developers: Nour Arafat, Aliya Jawad, Charlie Michaels, Maria Young, and Shanna Daly

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