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Prototyping Throughout the Design Process is a Course

Prototyping Throughout the Design Process



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A common misconception of the design process often leads designers to prototyping only after they finalized user requirements and engineering specifications and developed concepts. However, prototyping can be used as a creative, problem-solving technique that not only helps you test out ideas, but also develop them right from the start. In this block, you will learn how prototyping can and should be used throughout the entirety of the design process, from when you’re starting to understand the problem to when you need to demonstrate a function or form.

Watch the following video by IDEO and Stanford Biodesign on MedTech Prototyping to see how prototypes are so much more than just the near-final products that are tested to demonstrate a function.

After completing this block you will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of what prototypes are and what they do

  • Demonstrate the iterative value of prototyping throughout the design process

  • Understand when and how to use different types of prototyping techniques

  • Recognize the limitations of prototyping

  • Recognize and utilize best practices in prototyping

  • Evaluate your prototypes to inform and improve your design

Block Developers: Aliya Jawad, Rachel Wright, Michael Deininger, Shanna Daly, and Kathleen Sienko

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