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Effective Technical Design Project Meetings is a Course

Effective Technical Design Project Meetings



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Efficient meetings are an essential component to successful teams of any form, particularly design teams. They occur frequently for a variety of reasons, be it one-time meetings with a singular purpose or regular standing meetings to discuss status and/or progress. Regardless of the type, oftentimes team members do not know or understand the purpose of a given meeting, why the meeting length is set at the time it is, or even their purpose in attending the meeting. Learning how to facilitate effective meetings can ensure achieving the desired design project goals by making progress efficiently.

After completing this block you will be able to:

  • Utilize best practice techniques for effective technical design project meetings

  • Prepare for design project meetings and follow-up afterwards

  • Define the objective of the meeting and create a purposeful meeting agenda

  • Conduct meaningful in-person and virtual meetings

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each meeting

  • Implement U-M online meeting tools

Block Developers: Aliya Jawad, Maria Young, Gail Hohner, Patrick McNally, Damen Provost, Darren McKague

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