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Full program description

This program is only available for students in the BLUElab Thailand student organization who are participating in guided socially engaged training for course credit with C-SED in the Fall 2018 semester. For information on how you might also receive course credit for your extracurricular work, please visit

BLUElab Thailand: 

"Our mission is to learn and execute the principles of socially engaged design through completing this project together with our partners (PURPLElab students and Faculty of Chiang Mai University and the Mae Chan District) so that we may develop an innovative, effective solution to flood mitigation in the Maw Chan region. Along the way, we are dedicated to cultivating organizational leadership and community relationship building, as well as furthering skills such as engineering design and manufacturing. Lastly, we strive to share all our knowledge and findings with out project partners in a way that is accessible and productive."

For more information about BLUElab Thailand or to join their team, check their website ( and their blog (